[May 2024] Attended the best biomarkers course in the world.

[Apr 2024] Paper investigating the effects of multilingual engagement on resting state oscillatory signature across the lifespan accepted for publication at Neurobiology of Aging!

[Mar 2024] Concluding work visit to Tromsø for the final event of the AcqVA Aurora center. Farewell AcqVA! Long live C-LaBL!

[Feb 2024] It was a leap year.

[Jan 2024] Received a hardcover author’s copy of The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Neurolinguistics in the mail. Thanks to Eleonora Rossi and Vince DeLuca for their work on our chapter and kudos to Kara Morgan-Short and Janet van Hell for putting it all together!

[Dec 2023] Paper testing the UBET model accepted for publication at Cerebral Cortex

[Nov 2023] Presented a poster on the effects of bilingualism on resting state brain activity across the lifespan at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language meeting in Marseille, France

[Oct 2023] Editorial for a Special issue on Cognitive Neuroscience Perspectives on Language Acquisition and Processing accepted at Brain Sciences. This marks a fortunate end of having to deal with MDPI

[Sep 2023] Commenced an appointment as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Gothenburg with Martin Lövdén

Some recorded past appearances

28-07-2021: DeLuca, V., Voits, T. & Rothman, J. Neurocognitive effects of bilingual experience. Talk presented at Language Technology and Data Analysis Laboratory, The University of Queensland, Australia
11-05-2021: Living with more than one language: The effects of bilingualism on mind and brain. Fairbrother Lecture, University of Reading, UK.
20-10-2020: Effects of bilingualism on healthy aging and dementia. Alzheimer’s Research UK Thames Valley Network Open Day 2020.